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Tyler Camp - Software Developer

Hello! My name is Tyler Camp, and I'm a software developer of 16 years, currently living in Clifton Park, New York. I started programming by making games in high school with GameMaker, and have since become familiar with many technologies in my continued effort to "make cool shit." After 4 years of programming in high school, I spent another 4 years at Columbia College Chicago pursuing a BSc in Videogame Programming. I like to play Destiny, make cardboard houses for our cats, and make origami. I prefer to work from home as it's the development environment I am most familiar with and provides me the most flexibility. I've worked with various teams while making projects and have provided many solutions for each team.

My interests span a wide range of technologies and solutions. These days I spend most of my time in C#-land for various reasons, making lots of use of Visual Studio's extensive tooling, expressive UI building tools, and cross-platform dev via Xamarin, to name a few. I've yet to find a project in C# that's been too unwieldy to handle. Combine the expressive yet performant language with its great toolset and I've got a stack that elegantly handles just about all of my needs.

In my spare time I'll occasionally read about math, both theory and history. I had difficulties with social studies in high school, but the history of math has been much more palatable in my opinion! At the moment I'm getting a handle on statistics for machine learning. I prefer a practical approach over theory for many things - while I can't talk much about sorting algorithms, I can talk about the many ways to implement a system and how to optimize it. Of course, theory is absolutely important for many things, my favorite programming theory book is Domain Driven Design. When all else fails, theory saves the day, and I look to it for assistance when necessary.